Would you give your bank credentials to Mark Zuckerberg?


I have a lot of respect for Mark and I'm addicted to Facebook, but his business is to sell my data. So my answer is no.

I don't know about you, but I have always felt uncomfortable to give my data to Mint-like services. Especially thinking that some day these services will probably be acquired by Google/Facebook/Amazon/Whatever freaks me out.

I'm a freelancer and I spend too much money in my servers. I needed a tool to fetch my operations from my bank accounts and to provide me services on top of this data. A trustworthy finance manager was definitely missing.

A trustworthy web finance manager was missing.

When , a startup that develops an opensource personal cloud, hired me the first time, it was to prototype a webmail client. I enjoyed working with them so when they contacted me to build a trustworthy money manager, I immediately started to work on it. The tough part came from the fact that banks don't provide any APIs to access to my data. Fortunately, I discovered an awesome FOSS project called Weboob (WeB Outside Of Browser) that allows you to scrap data from bank websites. What makes it wonderful is that bank connectors are easy to build and maintained by their community.


I convinced the Cozy team to integrate weboob in the core stack. That's what they did it and I was able to make big progress from there

The first open source Personal Finance Manager

After long nights of working, I finally reached my goal! Today, I'm proud to offer you the first Cloud Open Source Personal Finance Manager. It's a free and trustworthy application that allows you to manage efficiently your money without worrying about marketing spies.

Moreover if you are a developer like me, you can easily build new services on top of this data or add a connector for any bank in the world.

If you want to be a pioneer of this new way of finance management, I invite you to

Try the demoStar the repo and post feedbackInstall Cozy and the Personal Finance Manager

The main features are:

My Name is Mikolaj Pawlikowski, I code with PHP or Node.js, I use Trello to manage my projects and I ship my code via Github . If you are interested in my work and are interested in hiring me for freelance jobs, feel free to contact me!